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Special Thanks To..

Two committed individuals of the Jalisco Tortillas Family


Jason Duffy

10 years

October 2018


Jalisco Tortillas would like to give a special recognition to Jason Duffy for his dedication over the 10 years he has been with us.


Jason was hired and trained by owner, Mark Velasco. He has been our dedicated delivery driver for the last decade. 10 years ago if you were to ask us about Jason the word “shy” would probably come up a few times. Today, Jason handles all our accounts and deliveries with a confidence that constantly leaves us scratching our heads thinking, “How can a person be that great?!” But that's just Jason! He has been an enormous part of our company, our company’s growth, and has persevered through all our ups and downs. Jason’s commitment and loyalty to Jalisco Tortillas has been shown on a daily basis! If you were to ask us about Jason’s pride, we can almost swear Jason bleeds Seahawks and Jalisco Tortillas colors!


Jalisco Tortillas can’t thank Jason and his wife Dena enough. Please join us by extending a big  “Thank you” to the Duffy Team!


Jason and Dena we appreciate you both beyond measure, you are our family.

Thank you! Thank you for your commitment, your loyalty, and your true friendship over the last 10 years!



Mary Lou Loza

10 years

October 2018


Jalisco Tortillas would like to give a special recognition to Marylou Loza for her dedication over the 10 years she has been with us.


You can almost guarantee that anytime you come into our retail store in Shelton and Marylou is at the counter that you’ll be greeted with a warm friendly smile followed by a giggle.


Marylou was hired in 2008 to help Maggie with the salsa production. Later on she became head of our salsa department when Maggie officially retired due to her medical issues. Marylou continues to honor Maggie’s core values when it comes to customer service and salsa production - blessing the rest of us with that same great tasting salsa that has been a staple to Jalisco Tortillas.


Marylou is not only a significant member of the Jalisco team, but also an extraordinary person to work with. Co-workers have mentioned time and time again how her high spirited attitude is very much appreciated.


Jalisco Tortillas can't thank Marylou enough for all her dedicated time here, so were asking you to help us by extending the “Thank you” next time you come in and see her.


Thank you Marylou, thank you for your 10 years of commitment, loyalty, friendship, and leadership.

Jalisco Tortillas truly appreciate you.


Jalisco Tortillas

From Our Family to Yours

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