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Join Our Familia...

Our family business is celebrating 25 years in business! If you joined us for our 20 year celebration get ready for an even bigger event. 

This time we are joining forces with The Shelton Memorial Park. All our proceeds will be donated to the Shelton Memorial Park and the Shelton School District for school supplies.


Why? The Memorial Park... 

The Hotel Webb Fire of 1907

In the middle of the night, on Thursday, September 5, 1907, The Hotel Webb in downtownShelton caught fire. The 3-Story hotel held 80 guests, and most of it was engulfed in flames before the proper alarms could be sounded. Eventually, not just the hotel, but Bailey's Saloon and Restaurant, Hughe's Shoe Shop, and J.E. Connollys Barn and residence would be destroyed. The Masonic Lodge and two residences were saved after a tremendous effort by crews.

Despite the crews' best efforts to evacuate people from the burning building by ladder or encouraging them to jump from windows, 11 people perished and over 20 were seriously injured. 

Our goal is to dedicate a monument to those who succumbed and are buried at the Shelton Memorial Park.

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